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Where are Truckers Supposed to Sleep?

The lack of safe, accessible rest stops or pull-over areas for trucks is a real concern for drivers struggling to balance the need for rest with compliance issues and operational realities. It's bad now, especially in remote areas of the country and on the highly traveled roadways surrounding any metropolitan area and it's going to get worse. Demand for trucking services continues to grow, new Canadian Hours of Service regulations are looming, our highway system is woefully inadequate (tens of thousands of miles without even paved shoulders), and truckstop owners are increasingly reluctant to bear the cost of paving acres of expensive real estate to help solve a problem regulators continue to ignore.

OBAC will to take your voice to Ottawa and the provinces to make sure your concerns about safe places to rest are heard.


To add your voice, please click on my e-mail link below. In the subject line, please type Add My Voice and in the message field, cut and paste in the following:

I am concerned about the lack of rest stops or pull-over areas for trucks along Canada's roadways. I support OBAC's efforts to bring this problem to the attention of policy makers and regulators, urging them to seek a timely and satisfactory solution.

PLEASE include your name, address, telephone number, and any comments or observations you may have on Canada's shortage of safe parking places for truckers. 

Please indicate if you are a driver directly affected by this problem.

Joanne Ritchie, Executive Director, OBAC