Our Two Cents

What drives your tire buying decisions?

Recent research into fuel conservation technologies for heavy trucks has shown that tires can have a significant impact on fuel economy. Newer, fuel-efficient tire designs have demonstrated improvements of up to five percent under real-world conditions, and even more when tested in controlled environments. While results are bound to vary from truck to truck and fleet to fleet, the possible savings in litres and tons of GHG emissions is significant. In real terms, fuel-efficient tire designs can cut operating costs by several thousand dollars per year per truck.

Despite the obvious advantages of wide single and low rolling-resistance dual tires, the uptake level of these fuel-efficient designs amongst owner-operators is low. In order to identify and address possible barriers to widespread acceptance of this fuel-saving technology, OBAC is conducting a survey of owner-operator tire-buying preferences and habits.

In short, OBAC is trying to learn more about how and why you buy particular makes and models of tire. We'll use that information when we sit down with policy makers to find ways of promoting the use of more energy-efficient equipment. We'll also assess the availability of product information to ensure operators have the tools they need to help make intelligent spec'ing and tire-replacement choices.

The information you provide could help government develop a tire labeling program that would assist tire buyers in identifying more energy-efficient products. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your responses will help tailor ways of delivering accurate information for you to use when you next buy tires.

No identifying information is required, except where you voluntarily provide contact information at the end of the survey. Participants who provide contact information will be eligible for the chance to win one of several prizes:

TruckMiles routing & mileage software package - value $250 USD
Owner-Operator Business Skills CD - value $195
Four cash prizes of $100.

To complete the tire survey, please click on the tire survey icon on the home page before March 31, 2010.