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Western Star Offers Cash-Back Deal to OBAC Members

OBAC and Western Star have teamed up on a rebate program for OBAC members that will put up to $2,000 back into your pocket just for buying a new 4900-model truck. We'd call that a seriously simple offer on some serious trucks. OBAC is thrilled to have long-time corporate supporter, Western Star, come to the table with this generous offer. To qualify for the rebate, you must be an active OBAC member.

We announced the rebate offer at Truxpo in Abbotsford, B.C. on October 1. The current offer is good until December 31, 2010, but we have every reason to believe the offer will be continued into the New Year.

It works like this: you make your best deal on a brand new Western Star 4900 model truck, and then and submit confirmation of your purchase either by mail or fax, using the information on the Western Star rebate claim form. Once the form is processed, Western Star will send you a prepaid debit card worth $1,500 for each day cab purchased, or $2,000 for each sleeper cab purchased, to spend as you please anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

The rebate offer is good on any 4900-model truck, in any configuration from on-highway long-haul to logger, dump, auto hauler, etc. It applies to new trucks ordered through a dealer or purchased from dealer stock.  

In these challenging times, a rebate of up to $2,000 is a pretty big deal. We are frequently asked by prospective new members what OBAC can do for them. Well, aside from the important stuff like education and advocacy, we're building rebate and affinity programs to help save our members some cold hard cash. When you think about it – well actually, you don't even have to think about it – a return of up to a couple of thousand dollars on a $45 investment is hard to argue with. And that's on top of everything else OBAC is doing for its members, like keeping the lines of communication open in the various court challenges to Ontario's speed limiter laws, and working to ensure owner-operators are given a fair shake in any EOBR rules that may come our way in the near future.

OBAC is working to promote a culture of safety, professionalism, and integrity among commercial drivers, and we don't mind adding profitability to that list, and this deal from Western Star goes a long way in putting some cash back in your pocket.     

Some limits apply on the Western Star rebate program. Click here for details or see your Western Star dealer for more information.


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