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What is eManifest? Learn from the Experts

If you truck across the Canada-U.S. border, you will eventually be required to provide information about cargo and truck occupants to border security in advance. This paperless transaction is referred to as eManifest.

In November, the Canada Border Services Agency rolled out the next phase of its eManifest program affecting ground cargo. The agency's goal is to protect against potential health, safety, and security risks at the border. The program is currently in trial mode.

"When fully implemented, eManifest will require trade partners in all modes (air, marine, highway, and rail) to submit cargo, crew/passenger, conveyance, secondary, and importer data to the CBSA prior to arrival at the border," agency officials stated.

The border service hopes to have the program fully operational in 18 months.

To help educate carriers, shippers, and cross-border truckers about the program, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association is offering an on-line webinar from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern time on Thursday, December 2.

The webinar is titled "eManifest: Do you do business across the border? eManifest will affect you." It is part of the produce marketers' ongoing educational series.

The webinar is open to all Canadian and U.S. carriers, Canadian importers, shippers, and anyone doing cross-border business. Cost to register is $25 CDN and free to members of the CPMA. Click here to register.

Guest speaker for the event will be James Spina, eManifest and Major Projects Director for the Canada Border Services Agency.

Topics covered:
~ What are the key requirements for eManifest compliance?
~ How is the elimination of the carrier codes improving border security?
~ How do you apply for a new carrier code?
~ What is the impact to the industry of advance data requirements? 


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