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OBAC Awards HighwaySTAR of the Year a Road-Ready, Trucker-Friendly Laptop

TORONTO, ONT. (April 24, 2004) – The Owner-Operator's Business Association of Canada recently presented Mr. René Robert of SLH Transport with a “road-ready” and “trucker friendly” laptop computer at the New Communications Group's HighwaySTAR of the Year award ceremonies held at Truck World 2004.

OBAC's contribution of a laptop is symbolic of the association's interest in bring technology closer to the men and women who keep Canada rolling.

The laptop is loaded with all the software required for basic home and small-business computing needs, as well as a suite of software designed to enhance the productivity and profitability of today's owner-operator.

“OBAC believes owner-operators can and should be taking better advantage of the tools that are available today,” says OBAC executive director, Joanne Ritchie. “Laptop computers offer the traveling business operator not only access to email, mapping and directions, and Internet connectivity. There's also real-time business and record keeping, customer databases with shipping and delivery information – tools that can help make a difficult job just a little bit easier.”

In the coming months, OBAC hopes to roll out a "laptops for truckers" program where computers – tailored for the owner-operator – will be available to members with trucker-specific software packages, warranty, and customer support at a price that removed at lease one of the barriers to computer ownership.