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CBSA Seeking Feedback on Consultations Regarding Trusted Traveller Programs

OTTAWA, ON -- The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is in the process of seeking feedback from industry regarding proposed amendments to Regulations under the Customs Act governing Trusted Traveller Programs (TTPs).

The changes would amend the Government of Canada’s Presentation of Persons Regulations which would apply to trusted traveler programs utilized by commercial drivers (e.g. FAST and CDRP).

The main intention of proposed regulatory changes is to clarify, standardize, and add structure from a legal perspective, to CBSA’s ability to enforce eligibility requirements for programs such as FAST and CDRP.

CBSA will be seeking feedback from stakeholders on the amendments until Friday, August 19.

Those interested in further details of the proposals and the complete Presentations of Persons Regulations can view them at the links below:



Presentation of Persons (2003) Regulations (SOR/2003-323):