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Ontario Releases Draft Green Commercial Vehicle Program Guide for Public Comment

TORONTO, Ont. – The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has released the draft program guide for the Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GCVP) that will encourage businesses to purchase alternative fuel vehicles and fuel-saving technologies.

The GCVP was announced under the Ontario Climate Change Action plan in 2016, which promised up to $270 million in funding to expedite adoption of progressive GHG-reduction trucking technologies.

The bulk of the plan centres on the GCVP, which provides up to $170 million for electric and natural gas-powered commercial vehicles, infrastructure and temperature controlled trailer technology – as well as tractor-trailer aerodynamic devices and anti-idling devices.

Highlights of the draft program includes the following incentives:

~ 30% rebate on electric APU technology up to a cap of $4000;
~ 50% rebate on electric trucks up to a cap of $75,000;
~ 30% rebate on natural gas trucks, in line with similar incentives in Quebec for natural gas technology, up to a cap of $30,000;
~ 30% rebate on technologies such as boat tails, side skirts, and anti-idling devices up to a cap of $2,000, or $4000 for a combination of these technologies;
~ 15% rebate for conversion kits and dual fuel technology up to a cap of $7500;

MTO is seeking feedback on the program design and eligibility criteria, application and funding process, data collection requirements and potential for future innovation pilots.

The full draft program, including eligibility requirements will be open for comments until October 6, 2017. You can download the full PDF version of the draft program guide by clicking here.

Comments can be submitted online here.