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Ontario's Class D Renewal Requirements Change July 1, 2018

TORONTO, ON - The Ministry of Transportation has released new guidelines for medical reports and testing for Class D license holders, bringing them in line with other commercial driver licenses in the province. You can see full details on the new requirements on MTO’s website here.

Starting on July 1, Class D license holders up to age 80 will be required to complete a knowledge test and vision test every five years when renewing their driver’s licenses. Previously no knowledge and vision tests were required for drivers under the age of 65, although they’re required for other license classes.

Class D licence holders will also be required to complete a medical report every five years if they are under the age of 46, every three years from ages 46-65, and annually for drivers aged 65 and older. Under the old regulations medical and vision tests were not required for Class D licenses until drivers turned 80.

Drivers operating with their Class D licenses in the United States will see no changes to that county’s regulations and are still required to provide proof of medical certification.

Those drivers who fail to provide the proper medical documentation on time to the Ministry of Transportation could see their Class D license downgraded to a Class G license, the ministry said.

The road test requirements for the license remain unchanged, and will still only be required if drivers accumulate three demerit points or have an at-fault collision until they reach the age of 80, when a road test becomes an annual requirement.

The ministry says the new requirements bring the Class D license in line with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) standards, which are the basis for the Canada/U.S. medical reciprocity agreement.