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MTO Considers Smart Lift Axles, Longer Tractors with Multi-Axle Trailers and More

The province of Ontario is amending its SPIF regulations to accommodate some alternative applications of existing technologies, as well as new technologies that have recently come to market. The SPIF regs (Regulation 413/05, Vehicle Weights and Dimensions –For Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly Vehicles) was last updated in 2016.

These changes include:
- allowing wide-base single tires at weight dual tires on single axles; 
- allowing boats to be carried on stinger-steer auto carriers;
- longer wheelbase tractors and saddle-mount truck configurations (those used by companies to deliver new trucks) would be permitted by regulation rather than by permit, and;
- technical issues with the control for liftable axles will be adjusted to have manufacturers provide a better and more workable system.

You can read more about these pending changes to the regulation here.


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