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Survey: Investigating the Challenges Canadian Women Face Regarding Work-Mandated PPE

CSA Group is conducting a research project entitled “Investigating the Challenges Canadian Women Face Regarding Work-Mandated PPE.” As part of that research, they are conducting a direct survey of female workers to better understand how PPE is suited to, and meeting the needs of, Canadian women.

Often, manufacturers and employers supply women with the same PPE made to fit the average man’s body, relabeling smaller sizes and calling them “female fit.” This unisex approach to PPE can lead to significant problems.

For example, a number of worker groups have suggested that incorrectly fitting coveralls can exposes a female worker to physical injuries and lead to health Issues. Slips, trips and falls are the common physical injuries when required to wear ill-fitting coveralls. Making it difficult to remove coveralls can also impact toileting behaviors, which can lead to long term health issues, such as UTI. A common coping tactic is for female workers to not drink fluids throughout the day, causing dehydration which could lead to several other health issues. Female workers also often report that fall-protection harnesses and tool belts can cause significant problems due to rubbing against the skin or not being designed to accommodate different sized breasts or hips.

The confidential online survey takes only about 10-12 minutes to complete. An independent research firm is managing survey responses to ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality. The survey remains open until at least February 4.

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